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Roofing Services

Roof Repairs & Replacement

From small leak repairs to re-roofs KSE have the skills, knowledge and experience to upgrade your tired roof. Traditional felt through to Sika Trocal KSE can fulfill your roofing requirements to reduce costly and damaging roof leaks.

  • Safe - KSE's history is in height safety so you can be rest assured only the highest level of safety will be in place from concept to completion. 
  • Quality - Only the highest quality products and materials are used in securing the weather bond of your roof. 
  • Flexibility - KSE offers many types of roofing materials, from traditional felt to more contemporary welded PVC and liquid applied roofs.
  • Competitive - The full package that KSE can offer allows us to create a more competitive price for our clients.
  • The Full Package - KSE offers more than just roofing, we can secure the safety of maintenance engineers with our range of height safety solutions and if you need specialist maintenance we have the solutions to keep your roof in good shape.

Gutter Cleaning

Leaves and other debris entering your gutters can lead to serious blockages in both your gutters and your rain water outlets. Both of which can damage your building and leave you with large reactive maintenance costs and unhappy tenants or staff. A regular gutter maintenance programme is a cost effective way of preventing such issues and KSE can help you manage this area of your roof. With our wide ranging experience of work at height, KSE are your choice for this essential area of maintenance.

Leaf cleaning

Roof Cleaning

If your gutters are often full it maybe due to the build up of moss and algae on your rooftop. To stop moss and algae preventing your water outlets from performing incorrectly, KSE offers a roof cleaning and moss removal service. A maintenance programme of regular roof cleaning can help in preventing expensive and damaging leaks whilst potentially increasing the life span of your roof. With our wide ranging experience of work at height, KSE are your choice for this essential area of maintenance.

Sheet Lap Corrosion

Profiled sheet roofs are a low cost and low maintenance option for large units but even with the improvements in modern coatings they may require edge maintenance. Cut edges and overlapped joints remain especially vulnerable due to the effects of capillary action drawing sulphur contaminated rainwater into the joint, this causes the double hazards of “topside” and “reverse side” corrosion. KSE uses Sika products to repair the corroded laps and renew your roof seal. Sikalastic is a guaranteed, seamless treatment that completely seals the lap joint area preventing water ingress and providing maximum protection against further corrosion whilst delivering an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Gutter Relining

Even with regular cleaning of your gutters they are prone to the effects of sulphur contaminated standing water leading to the corrosion and eventual failure. Using the same sikalastic product utilised in our sheet lap edge corrosion treatments KSE can address joint leaks or reline whole sections of guttering systems. Sikalastic is a seamless, cold applied, liquid system that is quick and easy to apply to numerous roof materials increasing the performance and lifespan of your building fabric.

Gutter cleaning and gutter relining

Bird Netting

While most of us like to see birds around, it can be a very different matter when there are too many of them in the wrong place. Birds like pigeons, starlings, and seagulls can become a terrible nuisance if they’re allowed to congregate on business premises. We have netting and wire deterrents that can help move birds away from your property without harm:

  • Adaptable - Can be used to cover shelters, bridges, canopies and signage as well as building facades. Use it horizontally and vertically in any area, large or small.
  • Versatile - Can be installed permanently to protect your premises or used temporarily for seasonal problems.
  • Harmless - A correctly installed netting system does not harm birds. It simply deters them from landing and establishing a roost on your property.
  • Cost Effective - Can lead to lower cleaning and maintenance costs as bird fouling problems are reduced.

Bird netting, building protection

KSE is your partner in all types of re-roofing and roof maintenance 

Building Services

KSE offers many maintenance and general building services.

  • Painting - Internal and external painting of walls doors and any other surface that requires painting.
  • Kitchens - We offer a range of kithchen installs to suit your office or commumial space.
  • General buliding - From moving a wall to create more space to repairing a unsafe floor, KSE can help.
  • Security fencing - KSE has the manufacturing facilities to produce fencing that secures your property .

Lightning Strike Services

Lightning Protection Test

LPT is required under the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989. These state that lightning protection systems should be tested in accordance with the relevant British Standard BS EN 62305. Also if a building with a poorly maintained system or a defective earth installation is struck by lightning or static electricity this can result in ‘flash-over’ to other metals within or on the structure. This can take place even without a direct strike because all lightning conductors pick up static even if the storm is 4 miles away!

A Lightning Protection Test (LPT) involves all lightning conductors and earth grounding installations being visually inspected and tested by a qualified Electrical Engineer.

Each individual earth grounding point and its conductors are electronically tested for resistance to ground.

An LPT also includes:

  • Performing random continuity tests, especially continuity of those parts of the Lightning Protection System which were not visible for inspection during the initial installation and are not subsequently available for visual inspection.
  • The resistance to earth of each local earth electrode and, where practical, the resistance to earth of the complete earth termination system. Each local earth electrode should be measured in isolation with the test point between the down conductor and earth electrode in the disconnection position. If the resistance to earth of the earth termination system as a whole exceeds 10ohms, additional electrodes should be installed, where practicable, to obtain the requisite resistance value. If there is a significant increase in the value of the earth resistance from previously measured values, additional investigations should be made to determine the reason for the increase and measures taken to improve the situation.
  • The results of a visual check of all conductors, bonds and joints or their measured electrical continuity.

KSE is your partner in testing and maintaining lightning strike installations

Graffiti removal

If you have been the victim of graffiti damage to a section of your building that is difficult to access, then KSE maintenance services are here to help. Utilising MEWPs, rope access or temporary towers to gain access to awkward areas of your development KSE will use our state of the art and safe chemicals or mechanical equipment to remove unwanted design work. If they can get there, so can KSE.

KSE is your partner in graffiti removal

KSE High Level Surveys

Drone surveys

Our CAA commercially qualified pilots aren’t just camera men, they are experienced height safety professionals with 20+ years knowledge of roof maintenance and safety.Rooftop Drone Survey Couple this with the flexibility of a quad drone and you have a surveying package that offers speed and precision. With no need for access equipment such as MEWPs or scaffolds, with a rapid deployment and decreased survey time, the cost benefits are obvious. Add HD videos, high-resolution images, reduced fall risk and the benefits of a KSE drone survey are clear to see.

  • Removal of fall risks
  • Low Cost
  • Quick turn round
  • No access equipment required
  • HD video and High-resolution images
  • Piloted by height safety experts

High Level surveys

If a comprehensive drone survey isn’t enough and you need boots on the roof then KSE can facilitate this too. From 100ft or more cherry pickers, alloy access towers or rope access, KSE can gain access onto your roof to conduct safety and maintenance surveys. We carry out surveys for some of the largest organisations in the UK and KSE are sure to be able fulfil your survey requirements. From roof condition or repair surveys to project scope assessments via every permutation of need to study a difficult to access area, KSE are there to support your organisation.

  • Multiple access solutions
  • Safety specialists
  • UK coverage
  • Large organisation and small company support
  • Multiple site management

KSE is your partner for high level surveys


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